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Conservation Irrigation

Conservation Irrigation
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Every irrigation system we design is designed To be the most efficient and effective system possible by use of  head to head spacing, underground soil moisture sensors and the latest controller technology. Our goal is making every drop of water count and conserving as much as possible while maintaining a beautiful lawn.  Not only will it help our water supply it is cost effective for our customer by lowering water usuage. We use  latest technology combined with proper design and ET based scheduling specific to historic rainfall amounts to your area. 

We install wifi controllers that can run your irrigation system from your phone or computer, underground soil moisture sensors that measure the amount of moisture in the soil to tell the system when it needs water, water flow meters to track water usage and detect leaks, pressure regulated water saving sprinkler heads, or if you’re tired of watering the roadways and sidewalks give us a call to learn more. 

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If your looking for a new irrigation system design and install or looking to have your existing system repaired and updated with the latest water saving technology we have you covered. 

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